Vatika DermoViva Moisturising Soap 125 g


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Vatika DermoViva Moisturising Soap 125 g

PRODUCT INFORMATION Constant exposure to sun,extreme environment conditions, pollution and use of hars chemical products has made your skin dull and darker over time. Regular Fairness products contain harmful and harsh chemicals that destroy melanin- an essential part of your skin that protects against harmful UV radiation- causing long term skin damage. DermoViva Naturals Fairness Soap is enriched with natural SkinLightening complexes that gently cleanses your skin whilie making your skin tone even, fairer & radiant. Saffron- with anti-bacterial properties kills bacteria in the skin that causes dark spots. Sandalwood- with antiseptic and germicida properties clears dead skin cells giving you an even skin tone. Turmeric- a safe & effective skin lightening agent that evens out skin discolourations by inhibiting synthesis of enzymes involved in skin darkening.


Product of UAE

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Product Type: Soap Bar

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Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 cm


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