MTR Simply Tomato Soup Ready to Eat


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Now you can enjoy a delicious, healthy Simply Tomato Soup in just 5 minutes! MTR brings you heart-warming and 100% natural soups that are made with carefully selected vegetables and sesonings. All MTR soups are specially packed to retain that mouth-watering aroma and natural flavor. Ingredients include tomato, sugar, milk, edible starch, salt, ghee, onion, ginger, garlic cumin and pepper. This is a product of India, contains no MSG and no preservatives. Simply boil, add contents and stir. In 5 minutes, you will have a steaming cup of goodness that will warm everyone’s heart. Garnish with thin slivers of cheddar cheese, orange rind, pasta, crushed bread crumbs or a dash of cream. Top with a handful of croutons.

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