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Dettol Soap:
Dettol Soap is a very famous product of Dettol brand which is world famous due to its Dettol anti septic liquid. Dettol Soaps are based on the same formula which was the reason of popularity of Dettol Liquid. Dettol Soaps brings anti septic ingredients with some other ingredients which makes a unique anti-bacterial formulation. Dettol Soaps are available in various parts of the world including, India, Pakistan, UK, USA, Indonesia etc.

Dettol Trusted Protection Cool Soap:
Trusted Protection Cool Soap by Dettol is based on Anti-Bacterial formulation which provides total protection to you and your family against harmful bacteria. Dettol Cool Soaps claims to provide you complete and trusted protection for several hours and kills harmful germs and microbial which can cause common health diseases like Fever, Influenza, Cough etc.

Dettol Trusted Protection Cool Soap contains Menthol which is known as the best cooling agent. It keeps you cool, fresh and active even in hot and humid summer. It fights with prickly heat and provides relief form prickly heat.

Benefits of Dettol Trusted Protection Cool Soap:
Dettol cool soaps gives total protection because it lathers up quickly and spread to whole body and kills germs efficiently. Its fresh fragrance contributes with menthol in keeping you relaxed and fresh. It protects you from various skin and health diseases and is perfect for use in Kitchen and bathrooms.

All Dettol Soaps contains those ingredients which are tested and approved by US FDA and EU Cosmetic Directive. These two are regulatory bodies for cosmetics sand toiletries. This approval shows that Dettol soaps are healthy options for family safety.

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