Deep Ginger & Garlic Powder 400g ( Jar )


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Deep Ginger & Garlic Powder 400g

Ginger is a medicinal plant, where root portion is mainly used to consume and to cure the ailments. Ginger juices are highly beneficial and effectual in dealing with the several diseases including nausea, abdominal cramps, motion ailments, heartburn and disturbed stomach, as well.


Ginger tea is the most effective and useful treatment for morning sickness. It helps to maintain the optimum level of cholesterol in blood. It is good for digestion. It stimulates the assimilation process and makes it completed quickly and properly, as well. It is used to alleviate toothache and is very effectual and beneficial against cold, flu, cough and painful throat. It also assists in the functions of lever and assists in the elimination of toxins from the blood flow.


Garlic is regarded as wonder drug. The curative properties and advantages of garlic have widely been known to the consumers. It is used as a natural herbal drug to cure many health disorders. Garlic contains numerous potent and effective constituents, including allicin, ajoene, vitamin B, diallysulfide, minerals, saponins, proteins, enzymes, flavonoids and so on.

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