Ancient Formulae Neem Enriched Herbal Soap (125g)


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  • Neem Leaves & Neem Seed Oil: Well-known for its anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties, it helps cleanse deep forming a shield to help protect the skin from the action of germs that cause skin problems.
  • Tulasi & Palash: A must for sluggish and dull skin. These ideal herbs having healing property works in combination with Neem to provide a soothing effect helping prevent itch & bad body odor.
  • Lime Oil: Known for its antiseptic and astringent properties helps clear pimple and maintain skins health for blemish-free complexion. Its sweet tangy scent has an energizing property which helps refresh & uplift your spirit making you feel fresh & active shower after shower.
  • raditional skin care formula effective for skin problems!

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