Ahmad Ceylon Tea


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20 foil Teabags
Golden color and special character
Ceylon tea
Sri Lanka is often described as the island jewel of the Indian Ocean and Ceylon teas are as rich and inviting as the history and heritage of the land itself. Our Ceylon tea is a blend of the finest high-grown teas from the hillsides of Sri Lanka. A delicate bright tea with a distinctive flavor and a beautiful golden color. The rich amber brew fills the mouth with an invigorating and satisfying burst of flavor that is brisk palate tingling yet refined.Loose Ceylon tea comes in three grades: Orange band: Some of the finest teas, plucked from the hillsides of Ceylon, are blended to produce a drink of special character: a wonderful golden color and brisk delicate flavor that can be served with a slice of lemon.Red band: Exclusive Ceylon teas blended to provide the tea connoisseur with a distinctive cup. Good strength, a bright golden orange color and subtle aroma sets this tea above the rest.Purple band: plucked from the hillside bushes of the plantation, this premium long leaf tea has the distinctive Ceylon character. A liquor that is light and flavorsome, it can be enjoyed with a slice of lemon, or with milk.

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