Abido Ginger Powder 50 g


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Abido Ginger Powder 50 g

Ginger is regarded as the most versatile spice among st all others. It is widely used in not just Indian cuisine but is also an important spice in Chinese, European, Japanese and Thai cuisines. Thus, dry ginger powder, which is one of their most sought after products. It is a spice with gives out a warm and sweet flavor. It is commonly used to add flavor to gingerbread. dry ginger powder is fine ground and light yellow colored powder with pungent biting flavor and slight lemony aroma. It is a very good home remedy for many health issues. Add ginger powder to boiling milk or water to get relief in cold, acidity and indigestion. It acts as an effective cleanser for the body. Dried ginger powder is used in ginger tea for relief from cold, sore throat and indigestion.

Our Abido range is bursting with freshness and exotic aromas straight from Lebanon. This 100g packet by Abido is small and with a thick air tight  packaging.

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