Abido Cloves 80 g ( Powdered )


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Abido Cloves 80 g ( Powdered )

Clove is a small evergreen tree with smooth gray bark and large, bright green, aromatic and lanceolate shaped leaves. The flowers grow in yellow to bright red clusters at the end of branches.8 It is in the Myrtaceae family, with relatives ranging from guava to allspice to eucalyptus.1 The clove of commerce is the pink or reddish flower bud that turns dark brown when dried.4 The entire tree is highly aromatic8 and its Latin specific name aromaticum, refers to this intense aroma. The generic name Syzygium is based on the Greek word ‘syzygos’, that means ‘paired or joined’ and is in reference to the petals which are joined.3 The common name ‘clove,’ a derivative of the Latin ‘clavus’ meaning ‘nail,’ and refers to the shape of the clove.2,

Our Abido range is bursting with freshness and exotic aromas straight from Lebanon. This 80g packet by Abido is small and with a thick air tight  packaging.

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